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While links and pages to the wonderful late 1990s' flight sim Red Baron 3D are slowly disappearing from the internet, this simple site will serve as a hub for all things related to the sim. The focus is on how to get Red Baron 3D running on modern computers, with emphasis on how to load the game into WineSkin wrappers suitable for Macs (Snow Leopard or later). The free version of Red Baron II (in German) is still available on the internet and can be downloaded, patched to Red Baron 3D, and then modified further using remaining resources that are available (some of which are also hosted here under the "Repository" section on the next page of this site). Helpful links are located under the "Links" section found immediately below and should be followed in the order listed for a proper install of the game.


Happy flying!,

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Step One: Download Red Baron II (free German ed.) from Virtual Aces, also the super patch and II/3D conversion patch listed there (alternate download link for RBII available here)


Step Two: For Mac and Linux Users (WS9 1.7.7 is recommended wrapper to install); install files listed in Step One into a WineSkin wrapper (see relevant album in the "Configuration Tips" file below for more info., and also follow directions at Virtual Aces site listed in Step One)


Step Three: Find a Keyboard to Joystick Mapper (Link for Macs)


Step Three variant: Keyboard to Joystick Mapper (Again a link for Macs)


Step Four: Patch Red Baron 3D Further (see "Repository" on next page if Wings of Honor RB3D site not working)

Step Five: Glide Wrapper for WineSkin Installs (dgVoodoo v1.50 Beta 2 recommended, link located in "Repository" section on next page)

Illustrated Configuration Tips


Download the "Configuration Tips" file from my DropBox by clicking here, since that zipped file contains several albums (and brief ReadMe texts) which illustrate how to tweak:


(a) dgVoodoo Glide wrapper settings for the game, for those doing WineSkin installs

(b) installation, display, and advanced settings in WineSkin

(c) recommended settings for the FullCanvasJacket & ReLoad Panels

(d) suggested settings for realism & graphics panels in the game itself

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